05 Honda contingency Q's

Started by cardzilla, January 06, 2005, 02:14:28 AM

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Not sure if this is the right board, but here goes.  Honda has kept their Red riders rewards plan intact, but as usual, just for the past two model years.  Is there anyway to borrow someone's bike to get around this (i.e. use their vin)?  I (obviously) would rather not buy an 04 frame.  I know the tech guys recorded my vin on the contingency sheet at the one race I did in 04.  I have 2 600rr's, both 03 models... so is there a way around it or should I just start looking for a wrecked 04 frame?
Larry Dodson
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Eric Kelcher

Well bad news for you on several fronts.

You must be the registered owner of the bike and must register with Honda's red rider program with same VIN. The bike raced is the bike that gets contingency; use of a VIN not your own or that of a bike you are not actually competing on is considered contingency fraud and puts you and the series at risk of losing the contingency thus the reason CCS checks VIN for those that finish in a potential continency paying position.

Second I am unsure whether Honda has the rule or not but I know some of the other OEMS do, which is you can not update or post date motor/frame ie you cannot run a 03 motor in 04 frame or 05 motor in 04 frame and recieve contingency but you would have to check with Honda directly on that,  

Eric Kelcher
ASRA/CCS Director of Competition