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Midwest Top 10!!!

Started by TiffineyIngram, November 05, 2002, 01:37:41 PM

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Congratulations to our Midwest top ten!  Give these guys a hand, they've earned it!!!

#1  Kevin Gordon
2.  Chris Weeden
3.  Montez Stewart
4.  Ed Key
5.  Chuck Stephan, Jr.
6.  Mike Riebe
7.  Daniel Doty
8.  Monte Nichols
9.  Matt Carr
10. Kevin Hanson


Congratulations everyone!


Any idea as to when the CCS website will be updated so we can check out how the amatures have done?


Dawn   :D

Protein Filled

Wooohh, chris_chops with a top ten plate!!



Edgar Dorn #81 - Numbskullz Racing, Mason Racin Tires, Michelin, Lithium Motorsports

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Wohoo! I guess I got it right.  ;D


I have sent all of the HTMLs to Chicago to be posted...apparently my carrier snail hasn't made it yet.  However, as always, if you'll email me, I'll forward you the points.

P.S.--Jack, thanks for all of your support this year.  I know calculating points isn't exactly fun, but you've made them available to our boys (and girls) solely out of love and respect for the sport itself.  We all owe you a round of applause.




Hey Tiffany-
I am sure that it won't affect the top ten points at all, but we are still missing the Unlimited Supersport results (and points) from the first Gateway race of the year.  Background: This race was postponed until Friday Afternoon of Road America round a few weeks later due to oil seeping up in the track in the rain.

MW EX #13

PS - The plaques got lost as well.  Do you think that you could hunt mine down for me?  :)  Thanks.
-Bill Hitchcock
GP EX #13
Double Bravo Racing
'01 Ducati 748

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How about Matt Carr and Kevin Hanson.  A couple of Duc guys.

Contrats to all of you.

Jon Wuytack


Hey Bill!  I know the results from the March Gateway aren't posted, but the points are included in the overall points total.  The reason those results aren't on that link is because we created that HTML at the track--in other words, it wasn't included (obviously since the race didn't take place until a month afterward) in the data I used to make the HTML.  As far as the plaques go, by this point in the season they've probably been recycled.  However, you could try contacting Jean or Alan Muse (our awesome trophy people) at 828-684-0195 and see if there's anything that can be done.   :D


Thanks Tiffany!

MW EX #13
-Bill Hitchcock
GP EX #13
Double Bravo Racing
'01 Ducati 748

Tuck your skirt in your panties and twist the throttle!

Super Dave

Nice job all!

Monte, nice to have you racing at Blackhawk and helping.

Hanson, nice job for a first year expert on a Ducati.

Mike Riebe!  Great job for a first year expert and riding an SV.

i love my instructors...
Super Dave