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Ideas for Honda F2 race bike wanted

Started by Eddie#200, October 30, 2002, 06:25:11 AM

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1991 Honda F2 for sportsman modification ideas wanted here!

I know many of you have raced the F2 and can shed some light on this subject... Casper?


An F4i front end and an F3 rear wheel should be drop-in items. The F4i front end gives you four-piston brake calipers, floating rotors, screw-adjustable low-speed damping and shim-stack adjustable high-speed damping. The fork legs are stiffer at 43mm instead of 41mm.

If you can fit up an F4i rear wheel, you can run a 180 on the back, and that would be a good thing.


Are you planning on running it in heavyweight sportsman?
Looking for a different class to win besides F40, thats cool well at least you will be riding a good bike.
I have to agree with what Tim said but it is kinda hard to find a F4i front end that some one wants to part with cheap, but I did find out that keeping the smaller tires on the bike made it turn a whole lot quicker.
Go one mill over on the engine for that aded hp that you will need, stock engine just doesn't cut it.


Thanks for the info.  Actually it's for a team member (Scott) that didn't race this year.  He's thinking of running HW Sportsman in '03.

Super Dave

Well, back in 1993 we were doing 15's and 16's at Blackhawk.

Fork work was simple,  Cut off about a 1/4" inch of spring and replace it with a spacer.  Raise the tubes up about 1/4" of an inch.

Replace the shock with an aftermarket one.

You'll need to get the pegs up a bit or they will drag.  Blackhawk gearing was something like 14/45, stock was a 15/43.  I think we ran 130's for mains with Factory needles.  Cut the nubs off the stock clip ons so they don't break the triple clamps when you crash.  The cam chain tensioners can go, so if you can afford to replace it with a manual one, do it.

Use lots of anti sieze on the brake pad bolt.  They stick.  Rotors wear pretty bad on them.

Was a really good bike.
Super Dave


We have the tensioner and the forks done.  Fox shock too.  Two Bros pipe and jetting is also done.  What about head work?  Any details you can share?

Super Dave

Head work?  Lap in the valves and I think you set the cam timing at 101/103.  That wasn't the best HP, but it pulled so hard on the bottom, it was way better.  Reliability is always better than working on the bike.  Easy, simple...

The clearances on the bottom end and the pistons were tight from the factory.  If it's got any time on it, it's probably good.

Transmissions were soft, clutches grabby, and first seemed kind of short.
Super Dave


Hi Eddie.
I'm ran my '93 all year and plan to again this coming one.
I went with an '97 F3 rim and squeezed 180's on there all year. Ran really good. I sent the forks to Traxxion and put a Penske on it. Made a world of difference.
I was running 1:40's at VIR with stock engine stuff.

My gearing was 15/46....almost ran out at the end of the straight but was really good for the technical sections.
Definitely raise the pegs but dont waste money on rearsets....make your own spacers or buy them from LP.
Do drop the forks...I dropped mine a lil more than 1/4"....ran into some body rubbing issues  (F3 body/F2 fender combo didnt cut it) turn in was nice, predictable
Ride height out back set to 12mm...Penske max

um...cant think of anything else


Thanks,  I'm gathering info for a team member so he can join Casper and Edgar next season!


call me eddie you know you could have called me I'll help ! I not that much of a prick!!!!!
we have lots of tricks


Quotecall me eddie you know you could have called me I'll help ! I not that much of a prick!!!!!
we have lots of tricks

Not that much??  ;)