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Supersport legal bodywork

Started by Lowe119, October 28, 2002, 06:07:11 PM

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I don't see anything in our rule book about seats so I'm assuming we don't need to use the stock seat in supersport.  Is this true?

I'm making a new tail that has a built-in seat so that I can leave my stock seat at home. I did some research on companies that make these and states that their superbike tail may not be legal for some supersport classes.

I noticed that the bodywork must be the same style as production except where mods are required. How closely does the bodywork have to be?  There are a couple small changes I want to make to my bodywork(not just the tail), but I don't want to be dis-allowed for something I spent all winter making.

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You can use any body work. I use a Superbike tail on my F2 and F3 bodywork. Hell you can put R1 plastic on a EX500 as long as its mounted safely and has a catch pan (seen it done).
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Another thing I think I noticed on Moto GP.....
Have any of you seen the holes in the front fairings of a few 500 GP bikes?  Maybe this counteracts the vacuum created behind the fairing? I'm sure this is way above my bike, but it might be something to try for shits and giggles.

I'll have to make an appointment at the wind tunnel.


I think that hole is for a sensor of some type. But if what you are saying is true, let me know and I'll be getting out my drill. I need all the help I can get.


You probably saw the holes at the Phillip Island race.  They are used to counter-act blustery winds.  It was very windy that weekend and this kept them from getting blown around as much.

Remeber the old CBR900RR?  That bike had some small holes.  Although, I think they thought that it would help the bike flip from side to side more quickly back then.
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