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Which aftermarket fairing bracket...

Started by KBOlsen, July 23, 2004, 08:06:12 AM

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KBOlsen the one WITHOUT the "replaceable ears"?

Graves or ... ???
CCS AM 815... or was that 158?


Yep.  Graves = without  GP Tech = with
-Bill Hitchcock
GP EX #13
Double Bravo Racing
'01 Ducati 748

Tuck your skirt in your panties and twist the throttle!


Thanks, Bill - I keep getting 'em confused! 8)
CCS AM 815... or was that 158?


 Hey Kim,  I have one of each for K1 GSXR-might fit a TL.


I've got a GP Tech I'd like to unload... what I need is a Graves (trying to keep the bikes the same).

I'll look up the part #'s tonight and see what's what.  Would be cool if someone could use this darn thing!
CCS AM 815... or was that 158?