CBR600RR clutch question

Started by wvracer97, June 19, 2004, 12:41:01 PM

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When re-installing friction plates into the clutch basket, do the last two (closest to the pressure plate) fit in to the shallow notches in the basket or do all of the plates get installed down the same long notch in the basket?  Silly me was too excited to note this or take any digital pictures before I started pulling it :-[  Sorry if my terminology is off also :-/

Also, one of the gears fell of when I removed the case cover.  It's the one at about 2:00 from the clutch basket.  I'm not sure which way it goes back on... raised side or countersunk side.  I also heard it wasn't necessary to put back in... it's only purpose is to keep the tranny quiet ???  Thanks for the help!


Only the last friction plate is to be put into the shallow slot in the clutch basket the rest in the deep slot.  Also make sure when installing the steel's,  notice the splines on the inner part of the plate have a sharp edge on one side and a rounded edge on the other side.  Install them with the rounded edges facing the inside of the engine.  Good luck at VIR!!