What would you do...

Started by Dawn, June 16, 2004, 06:40:23 AM

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... if you won the CBR1000 that Speed Channel is giving away?


1.  Wonder who submitted my name.
2.  Strip the street parts & sell 'em
3.  Use the funds to build a superbike out of it.
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Roger would ride it as his daily commute and put 50K miles on it with in a decade.  ;D
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Start calling to see who has the bodywork, rearsets and exhaust done for it.

Then see if Greg White can send the forks directly to Baker to get done by Laguna.

Weigh Stumpy and order up that rear shock

Get some bubblewrap and get that ebay account fired up to sell some custom race replica panels.

Call Michelin to see how much $ is on the card--tires aren't gonna be pretty.

Show up to Laguna and have Stumpy qualify for Superstock.

It'll rain and Stumpy will astonish the masses as he ends up on the podium with Roger Lee and Tommy.

Ten Kate will ask Stumpy to please, please be a back up rider for them.  He'll consider it only if he can bring his weiner dog.    

Yup, that's what I'll do.


I'd have me a streetbike again.   ;D
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The man with the $200K spine...



Sell it and put the money twards a real bike  ;D

Woofentino Pugrossi

See if it crashes better than my F2. ;D ;D ;D
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Quote2.  Strip the street parts & sell 'em
3.  Use the funds to build a superbike out of it.


That's what Paul would do too.  (that is of course if I don't win it  ;D )

Dawn   ;)


let the big dog bark and race her.


Paint Yamaha on the tank ;D
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Super Dave

Sell it to Honda guys and buy a Yamaha R6 and all the goodies after selling the stock bodywork off the R6...

But the thought of riding it is interesting...

But how many of them does one see being raced by private teams in Superbike or Superstock?
Super Dave