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Ducati to make Desmosedici Race Replica

Started by cornercamping, May 30, 2004, 01:25:34 PM

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 :o  Ducati has announced that they will be making a MotoGP Desmosedici (MotoGP bike) Race Replica available within the next couple years.  According to the Ducati members owner site, this is going to be the closest "real" race replica available on the planet, and it will feature a majority of the real Moto GP bikes features and components.  So far, the announced price is $50K Euro's and availabilty is going to be to 999R owners first, then everyone else. They'r saying the racing department will be the ones manufacturing this model, with a limit of one bike assembled by hand per day.  It's gonna be bad ass.

 I want one  :(  Gotta start playing the lotto now though if I stand a chance  :P  Ducati will probably do it like they've done it in the past, and that is an online waiting list with a 1500 Euro deposit when you register.  But, your not gauranteed to get one.  They will only be making a limited number.  :(  Spot is worth alot of money on the reservation list if you get in early enough.