Brake Pad for 01 gsxfr600

Started by Banzai, December 26, 2001, 09:49:34 PM

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I like to know what did you all used on your 01 600, I used EBC HH but it sticka lot! I could not turn the front wheel on the stand  !PLease HELP.............. ???


I used them and they were awesome and my wheels turned fine. Might want to bleed your system then try it again.


HH  pads do that on most bikes, i use  brake cleaner after each race, it helps and also keeps the calipers free of dust


yes disk brakes stick up to 15 to 20 mph. If you ride slowly maybe about 40 or 50 come back in using your rear to stop,  if the front disk is hot to the touch you have a problem.


There could be two problems. If you have no free pull on the brake lever that could be the problem. Also the pads could be too thick. If the pistons are fully retracted and the pads give you the same feel, try taking some meat off of them

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I started with the stock ones.  They worked pretty well.  I used the Vesrah's too.  I really liked them.  Easy pull, slowed real fast.  Am trying the DP pads.  Pretty happy with them too.  Re bled system and will give them another go around this weekend.
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Sounds like you have the front end tightened when it's out of line slightly.  The trick is to loosen up all of the bolts and spin the wheel.  If the wheel spins freely the pads are just fine.  Grab a hand full of brake and zip tie it so the brake stays on, then tighten all of the bolts.  Test the wheel rotation again.  Should be fine if nothing is bent.

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EBC's do have a tendancy to drag...
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EBC's do have a tendancy to drag...

A little yes.  Sounds like his is excessive.


I used Vesrah and Ferodo 911's this season, liked the Vesrah better.

It's pretty common for GSXR fronts to be sticky.  There have been guys who rebuilt the entire brake system only to have the same amount of front wheel drag.

Bleed system, clean the pistons real well, use Eddie's alignment advice, and brake cleaner after each race helps, but in my experience it's still going to drag some.
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