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Waiting for Tiffiney to call.

Started by Gixxer124, September 16, 2002, 07:12:25 PM

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Tiffiney, I'm still waiting to find out where we're going last Sat. night.  :(    I did stay in town.

P.S. There's 130 points available in Great Plains Formula 40. Did I clinch it?  Later, Kevin


hey haven't seen you at the track in awhile.. you comin up to Gingerman or what? Or you staying down there where you are safe and winning?  ;D Come on out to Gingerman mang!


Yoos need to head down to Gateway. No Great Plains points at Gingerman. Plus the 11 hour drive really sucks! I'll see you in St. Louis, right?


yeah I'll be down in st. louis in october for the midwest round. See you then.. I thought you found gingerman challenging? Figured you'd want to come back and master it?  ;D