New Gen SV650 as a race bike

Started by quicktoy, April 16, 2004, 04:41:06 AM

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Just curious, my buddy is looking to get a new gen (03 and up) SV 650 and hes not sure whether to get the regular SV650 or the SV650 S model.
What is the difference? I found out their bodywork from sharkskinz is different too.
What are more of you guys racing?
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Maybe the bodywork is different simply because the S already has brackets to mount the upper.  Is there also a difference with the upper triple clamp due to the type of bars.  I sure there is more.  Check out the suzuki website.


There's a few small differences, check out

The triple clamps are a little different, the headlight bracket stuff is different, the rear sets may be a little different...  If you're going with race bodywork anyway, why shell out all the extra cash for the "s"?  

The only performance difference I'm aware of between the 99-02 & 03+ models is the cams and fuel injection.  If you do the cam upgrade on a 99-02 you'll be in the ball park anyway...  fuel injection is nice though (-:


why are the race bodyworks different then?
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Quote If you're going with race bodywork anyway, why shell out all the extra cash for the "s"?  

I went ahead with the 's' because of the triple clamps.  Until I get some clipons, I'm still running the stockers.  I think you'd need a new upper triple clamp to use clipons rather than the handlebar of the standard SV.  I can probably also sell the stock upper, so the price difference seemed worth it for me.  The gearing is slightly higher on the 's' and the stock rearsets are a little higher too.   :)
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Quotewhy are the race bodyworks different then?

I don't understand what you're asking?

The naked SV uses a headlight bracket that goes from the top triple to the bottom triple, with this bracket in the way you can't use clip-ons.  This is why alot of the front stuff is different...


SV650 S - slow
SV650 - slower



QuoteSV650 S - slow
SV650 - slower



...  but Paul's KawaSukiHondaYaha will kick your _ _ _.    ;D   (His bike will definately NOT qualify for Super Sport any more...)

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One new quick performance mod for the new gen Sv- remove the airbox snorkel baffle for about 2-4 horses.  Not legal for SS classes as this is condsidered an airbox mod.  Our savvy tech inspector found that out quick- He even made tools for both SV's to check airbox hole diameter.
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