R6 Fuel tank leak - this doesn't look good

Started by dylanfan53, April 10, 2004, 12:27:12 PM

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On a 2000 R6 fuel tank (new to me from Ebay :-/ ) there are two nipples on the bottom of the tank.  The one on the right is an overflow tube.  The one on the left (outside) is for the fuel tank breather tube.  I don't know where this tube goes on a street bike.  I assumed it is a vent to air.

So I filled the tank with gas and there is a steady flow of gas coming from the breather tube, even with the petcock shut off.  The flow is enough that it would empty the tank.

I plugged it with a blocked hose for the time being, but I don't know if that's the right solution since I'm worried that having it plugged will lead to fuel starvation if that's the only way the tank can breathe.

Does anyone know how what is causing this and what the correct fix is? Any suggestions?
Don Cook
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Slow day. So I'm talking to myself. Nothing unusual about that.

I think I've got this sorted out. The manual appears wrong, or else they changed it for this year. Or maybe they just have a lousy artist!
When I went back to look at it again, I see that the tube that's leaking is the overflow tube which runs to the side of the filler cap area. That looks different than what's shown in my manual which shows them the other way around. Hence the concern.
Assuming the tank ventilation is intact, which looks like it's the tube that vents through the back of the back of the cap, I think I'll be okay just capping off the overflow one.
I've been through ventilation starvation before (CA gas cap on a 49 state tank) and don't want to repeat that experience.
If you're still reading and want to confirm this, feel free.  I only have myself to discuss this with. :)

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I talk to myself all the time.....    ;D

I read Paul your post (he's working on the SV) and he had that confused (but normal) look on his face and said...  "I have no idea."  

Sorry, we're not familar with the R6 at all (now if it were an SV, 'busa, or ZX-6, THAT would be different).

Dawn   :)
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Uh-oh. Thanks for making me think about the SV tank.  On the SV tank, the overflow tube runs out the back and it is also prone to cracking, usually  inside.  I need to check with some people on another list who are familiar with this to see how it would apply to the R6.
See how helpful you are!!  ;D
I hope Paul gets that bike up and running soon.  I ran in my motor a bit on these country roads out here and I'm doing a NESBA day at BHF next week, but I didn't have as much done as you guys (just enough to keep me out of Supersport) so break-in really only amounted to getting a good ring seal.
See you soon!

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Okay, just to close the loop,
This tank is dangerous and is going in the trash.
Chalk it up to an Ebay deal gone bad.
I really must stop talking to myself like this. :-[
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