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Started by Bender, December 19, 2001, 10:40:21 AM

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OK, based on the mailer which CCS just sent out, the points accrual policy will change for 2003.  Essentially the rule removes anyone that doesn't run a 600 or 750cc from contention for a Top 10 plate.

To the CCS officials that monitor this board-  Exactly how is this fair for racers like me that compete in classes with an SV650??  I work my butt off just as hard in the classes I race in as any 600 or 750cc Expert.  This is by far the most biased rule I've ever heard of...

Mike Bender
Millennium Racing
CCS Ex#216
Mike Bender
Millennium Racing
CCS EX#216
NESBA Control Rider


I don't see the SV being knocked out of a chance to get a top 10 finish.  LWSB, LWSS, LWGP, GTLights are all still eligible for points towards a top 10 plate.  The only one that the SV fits in that won't get points is HW Sportsman and Formula 40.


That's right, the only classes excluded from Top Ten and Track Championships are the classes that traditionally have very speciallized equipment, or place an undue restriction on general participation (Formula 40) and that is all. As a matter of fact, the SV 650 has more classes to run in for the Top Ten than any other, 14 total.

Good luck and Happy Holidays all!   ;D
Kevin Elliott
Director of Operations-CCS/ASRA
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Eric Kelcher

Personal opionion here but I think there should be a cap on number of races one racer can earn points for top 10 in. Say 4 races total. That way the racer with the most money (bikes) doesn't automatically win. The SVrider was shoe in to win in most ragions.  I think its much more fair now than before.  I hope the system works to reward the most talented, dedicated racer in each region.
Eric Kelcher
ASRA/CCS Director of Competition


Maybe compare the number of classes each can run and use the lowest number. Then base it off the best finishes in those. I know it's a little more paperwork but it'd be fair. :-*


All this talk about "Specialized" equipement is horse hockey!!!
You can run a '89 GS500 and win races........try that in 600 or 750ss!!! In those classes, you need a NEW bike every 2-3 years!!!!!!!
I guess they concider inexpensive "specialized"
CCS MW EX #113


I know what you mean. My "new" F4 is already a little dated.

G 97

Bender and Mahlendorf causing trouble again.  You both got new bikes so whats the concern.  See you at the show.   :P :P



This is something that never seems to change, If you have the most money you will win the #1 plate. I am not trying to take anything away from M.M. or S.P. but hey these guys race 8 races a weekend have mutiple bike's, and have other people pay for the tires, fuel, and etc. How can I possibly compete with them. We must get it limited to your number of races per weekend, So even if you run 8 races you can only take top four finishes for overall point's.

A good example of how bad it is a "RIDER" who had a big sponser early in 2001 season entered 8-9 races everyweekend , then the bottom fell out mid season , he stopped racing missing 5 events still finished 3 rd in points overall. and we all know the rider in south east region who ran the ex500 for 2 years and was #1 plate holder for 2 years straight.

We the riders should be the strong hold of the CCS with out us they are all looking for new jobs. If we speak loud enough they will listen.

Patrick Weekley        


What I don't understand is why the Supertwins class wasn't excluded for top ten contention?  CCS maintains that most of the classes were removed because they required "specialized equipment".  Why would Supersingles be excluded but not Supertwins?

For example, let's say two guys are competing head to head for the championship.  One rides an RC51 and the other a GSXR750.  The guy on the RC51 should win the title even if he finishes behind the GSXR most of the time because he can run an extra race each weekend in Supertwins.  Since Supertwins isn't a heavily attended race he should pick up at least 50 more points every time out.

At first I couldn't understand why Sportsman was excluded, but now I believe it's to balance the number of available races for a given bike.  The LW guys had the advantage of being eligible for 1 to 3 extra races in a weekend in addition to the traditional SS, SB, GP, and GT classes.

If the intent of the rule was to level out the number of available races per bike then I think we should also exclude the points earned while riding a smaller bike in a higher class.  In other words, if I ride an SV650 in LWSS and MWSS I should only get top-ten points for the LWSS class.  However, if I only run MWSS then those points should count.

Rich Denman

As a new member of CCS and aware that I am replying to a fairly old thread, I would like to know how this logic relates to 250 GP riders. If I am correct, we can only participate in LWGP, MWGP, and GTU. If this is the case, aren't we at a distinct disadvantage if this is the only bike we compete on?

Rich Denman

Eric Kelcher

Eric Kelcher
ASRA/CCS Director of Competition