CMRA/CCS GP Hallett Crossover

Started by TiffineyIngram, September 03, 2002, 02:45:39 PM

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I just wanted to thank all of the officials, staff, and riders who attended and/or helped set up the crossover event at Hallett this past weekend.  This was my first time to attend a CMRA sanctioned event, and I now know why the club is so well respected and loved.  Our Great Plains riders drove an average of 12 hours in order to race at Hallett and every one of them said if they had the opportunity they would do it again in a heartbeat—I feel the very same way.  Your racers and staff welcomed us with open arms and reveled in the fact that it wasn't "us versus them"—it was racing at its best.  I left the event absolutely glowing from how well the racing went and how, whether on or off the track, the respect for each other was mutual.  I would like to send a special thank you to Brooks, Norm, Charles, Connie, Eric, and everyone who made this weekend awesome for all of us.

On behalf of the CCS Great Plains riders, thank you for a safe and spectacular weekend.


there are some pics of the event I only do endurance so mostly sat.

they ran the track backwards so it would be a new track for every one no one had a home court advantage.  I drove only 11hrs some normal cmra members drive even further.

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Hi Tiffiney. I had a blast at Hallett. Running it backwards was fun. The bus stop was tough, but the rest was awsome. Tell those old farts from Texas to slow down! They go way to fast. :o See you in St. Looie. Kevin


Thank You, CCS and CMRA for the great time at Hallet. The coolest thing about the weekend was everything!

I even got to ride for once. I want to say sorry to the novice that collected me during the endurance, bike number 38, not sure what happened but that's racin.I was on bike 41

Looking forward to doing some more cross over stuff.
Tom Mason


Thanks to the CMRA and CCS for the cross over event.
We had a great fun running the 5HR. eventough our team crashed twice.  :-X  I am looking forward to  coming back down next year.

I wish we could have some real endurance races in the midwest.

Lonny Michels
CCS #47


I for one had fun. I didnt know it was a crossover until I was getting my grids. I noticed a name that isnt usally there.( I think his name was duwane something. I think he's from Chi-Town Hustlers) I was a little nervous at first. But I just said screw it everyone is here to race and have fun. And thats what we did. So congrats on those guys from Chi-Town. I had fun. LETS do it again!
By the way.... Y'all should post these replys on the CMRA board.(I rarely check this board. But y'all have such nice things to say.I'am sure the rest of the gang would like to here it.) Hallett was scary when I first got on the track. But it started to come to me.
Now hallett is my favorite track! I want to do 1.22 next time it ran backwards.

Well later guys!

Tony Rodio cmra #555

Tony Rodio

I'am sorry. The name of the racer was david Vaughn.
I didnt realize I was racing with one of the top amateur. Does anybody know if David is going to Daytona? If so I hope to see david there.

On another note.... I cant believe that y'all dont grid by points. Thats CRAZY!! Ask David how he liked being gridded up front because of his points.

Plus since he was gridded one position in front of me. I new he was going to be good.

   Tony Rodio
        CMRA# 555


Yeah he is going.  If you need to contact him go to