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Tire Life...

Started by wvracer97, February 25, 2004, 05:07:34 PM

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Hi all!  Tires seem to be the largest expense over the race weekend.  Is it possible to use tires over two race weekends without serious loss in grip?  I'm thinking of trying to use one set of tires over two weekends for two classes-- GTU and GTO + practices.  Are there enough heat cycles in the tire to allow this  ???  Being that I am on a shoestring budget I'm hoping so!  Thoughts ::)


depends on the bike, ie, SV650 will use less tire than GSXR1000.  I race a 600 and usually get 4-6 races out of 208GP-As (depends on track and number of laps). I often save them though and use them for a track day after.  So, if you race 2 races per weekend, should be able to get 2 weekend out of a set of tires.  If you race 8 races in a weekend, you're going through closer to a set a day. I'm sure this varies alot based on track, bike, rider, and how competitive you want to be.  

If you're only racing 2 races a weekend, I'll look for race takeoffs -- tires that a really fast guy is used for 1 race/qualifying.

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Here's the other trick...

A well set up race bike will not destroy tires like a poorly set up race bike.

So, is your bike really ready?  

Personally, I really could care less about power, but geometry and spring rate are my biggest concerns.  

If you don't know enough, go to someone who really does.  And most don't know.

I use

Good instruction can help too.  More knowledge is power.
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Then does More Power take knowledge ?


QuoteMore knowledge is power.

"Knowing is half the battle"

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Old physics joke.

time is money (t = $)

knowledge = P(ower)

P = work/time (w/t) = knowledge

So knowledge = w/$, that is knowledge and money are inversely proportional

So that is why physicists will never become rich and business majors make all the money.
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Then there's the one that Dale Quarterley told me...

"Safety Kills!"
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My suspension is set up properly, feels good and no bad wear and I roached a rear Pirelli SOFT rear in 1.5 days.  1 track day Friday, 2 practices Sat and the SOLO 16 at VIR.


Quote"Knowing is half the battle"


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