Started by Don DeRoos, August 28, 2002, 10:01:21 PM

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Don DeRoos

ANyone race at PIR for the CCS race? I need some answers!!! Agh- I hate to bug the CCS people with my simple but important to me questions. Like- Do we all have to pit in the pro pits (I am running in tha AM race)? The sanc body wants 35 bux for my "crew"- Are they going to charge that for just my girlfriend? And if I pay that, can I leave some names of my buddies (crew) at the gate and get them in also??Not trying to be cheap, just trying to figure whats up. Can I register and buy my license at the event without a penalty fee (OMRRA 30 bux) or should I sent it in early? Thankx for any help. Don..


Not sure about the pit but as for the crew cost of $35 that is probably right.  It is $50 at Daytona so get ready for that as well.  If someone is with you they are considered crew so your girlfriend's entry will be $35.  If this follows suit like at other CCS events, your friends will have to pay their $35 as well.