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Started by wvracer97, February 20, 2004, 07:28:00 PM

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Stock gearing for a 2003 CBR600RR is 16/43, and I'm re-gearing to a 520 setup 15/46.  The chain I was told to order was a 110 link.  Stock links are at 112.  Is 110 too few?  How many are too few or too many?  Also, do I need to get a rivet tool or is there a "home improvement" approach to working with rivet style chains?


We have the 520 set-up's on all of our 600rr racebikes,  and use the 112 link chains.  We have run anywhere between 15/45 and 15/43.  Yes you should use a quality chain riveting tool.  It's not worth taking a chance of having it come apart and sending you on your head.  If you have any questions about set for the 600rr's we may be able to help,  our race team runs 6 of them.  


6 of them ?  dam !

I usually get chains that are 120 links and cut them to fit, just to make sure.

U will need a rivet tool, or borrow one.  dont try to cobble it together with vise grips.

I used a master clip last year . hehe.  A bunch of guy will say that clips are death traps waiting to happen.


I stand to correct myself................we also use the 120 link chains and cut to length also.  


 Hey Zoner- E-mail me your address if you don't mind..I have a couple of setup questions on the RR..

Greg "Stumpy" Steltenpohl