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First time racer ?

Started by SinCityR6, February 16, 2004, 06:15:11 AM

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I am looking into getting my CCS license and i have already done a school with fasttrack at fontana.  How many more trackdays should i try to do before i start racing?!?  I am comfortable on the track. I am already scheduled for a trackday on March 7 in Pahrump.  

Thanks in Advance



 I would say go for it now.  Racing is going to be different then track days anyway.  I never did a track day and just learned how to ride 6 months before I started racing.   :o   As long as your comfortable I would think you would be alright.
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ok 2nd question

What races should i run for my first couple times racing.

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Quoteok 2nd question

What races should i run for my first couple times racing.

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Well you can do middleweight supersport, middleweight superbike, GTU (this would be the best since you'll get more track time). Plus you can do teh heavyweight  ss and sbk also if ya want. When I started, I did middleweight supersport and it was a madhouse.
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In the Southwest region, our grids aren't too big, so Middleweight Supersport isn't nearly as scarry as you'll hear described in other regions.  The biggest AM MWSS grids I've seen are 25-30 riders, sometimes more like 15.  Last year I ran MWSS, MWSB and HWSS.  I could have ran MWGP, but ran HWSS instead because I got to ride with what was largely a different group of people.