The bad luck ghost!!!!!!!!!!

Started by Casper_881, August 26, 2002, 06:55:48 PM

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 :o :o :oThe ghost of Casper is very bad luck to who ever touches it other than its owner soooo Ed. you are in for  some very bad luck and I  can"t  help you the damage is done !!:'( :'( :'(
and why can't Edger Dorn rider 113 tuck in when he races he sit straigh up and down check it out some time!!!! ;D ;D ;D


Casper, Casper, Casper...accusing me of stealing
your ghost with no proof. Sigh. :o. BTW, sorry
to hear about the loss of your little buddy. I
hope you get to see him again sometime. Maybe
you should just do what the ransom note says.

Hey, the reason I don't tuck is to be able to see
around you when I am passing you...;D

Maybe TZDeSioux took your ghost.


Hey now.. I did no such thing. I would never steal someone's ghost. That's just wrong. On the other hand... it was probably you Edgar. Bad luck falls upon anyone that steals casper and notice your PM rims were cracked? tsk tsk tsk..... I recommend you give the ghost back to it's rightful owner :)


Courtesy of the National Enquirer :o


 ;D ;D ;D ;D oh man Edgar is a freaking thief!!!!! That is the funniest damn thing I have ever seen  ;D ;D ;D


LOL !!!!    ;D ;D

Jack you are just the best!  



oooohhhh myyy God!
doh,...... i mean, ooohh my ghost!!!

 edgar, you're sad!! >:(
you should not be allowed to race, or even spectate for that matter!

Good work jack   ;)
the camera never lies!
and to think, you tried to put it off on someone else (i knew it wasnt you brian!)
he gave himself away by pointing the finger, and that "maybe you ought to do what the randsom note says"
   casper, you obviously finished in front of him one too many times, and he grew this deep dark disgruntled "hate" for your little buddy smiling in his face the whole way around the track, or maybe even worse, waving as you pass at the stripe,.
  it's just a shame, i tell you......


jack if i said it once I'll say it a 100 times you are the best!!!!!!!!!!!
you see Edgar the reason you have to look around me is cuz you are behinde me and in race lingo that is a bad thing for you !!!!!
Look at the pic Edgar you will not be able to sleep at night with out seeing that pic and it will eat at you till you are week and sooo drained you will give him back just soo you can sleep at night!!
Your gril friend will not like it when you are calling out my name in your sleep ! and for you perverts don't even go there!@    
Gooooood night EDGAR the luck is starting to change for the bad ! just go look at your rims!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is a conspiracy!!!  :o I've been framed!!! :o

Hey Casper, I don't believe in little fairy tales. The wheels cracked before the ghost was kidnapped. Not that I know exactly when the ghost went missing, but I know you had it on your bike for your last race.

BTW, if you remember correctly, I am only behind you until before the checkered flag. 8)

I am innocent I tell you. If the ghost don't fit, you must acquit.