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CCS Racer Randy Rega injured

Started by Bob Robbins, August 26, 2002, 02:03:56 PM

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Bob Robbins

Mid Atlantic racer Randy Rega was injured at Pocono in the start of the F-USA Thunderbike race. A lot of racers were asking about him, so I'm filling you in.The infamous can't see it til you're halfway in it turn always causes major chaos and when another rider ran wide and locked up the brakes trying to stay on the pavement, Randy slammed him from behind and went cartwheeling. He suffered a C7 vertabrae injury and at least one broken rib. He was released with a neck brace Sunday night and is resting at home. Randy had a great weekend going until that point. He won the Lightweight Superbike race on his SV650 over Josh Ratcliffe in a battle deluxe. He also got down to a 1:49.33 lap time, probably the fastest Lightweight bike time run at that track aside from a TZ. He also had a photo finish for 2nd in LWGP with Jim Bonner on his TZ250. In GT Lights, he finished 3rd behind Brian Bemisderfer and Josh Ratcliffe. His lap times would have put him in the top 5 for sure in the Thunderbike class. Randy is in contention for 3 class championships in the Mid-Atlantic, so his recovery time will determine how that goes with only 2 race weekends left. The Old Bull logo on his bike might tell you something.I'm sure he'd like to hear from some well wishers. Contact him at



Sorry to hear that Randy. Hope the docs up there gave you some good drugs :) If there is any left, I'll take some ;D.  All joking aside, I hope your recovery is fast so you can get back out there run again.  See you soon.



Why did you go and do that.  I know you were upset that I didn't make it there this year.  But to go and do this just to hear from me again.......... :-*

I'll give you a call and check up on you.  

Take care and heal fast for Daytona!!!!!!!!!

Love ya,  Stacey


Damn I hope he heals fast and that whoevers bike he borrowed can put it back together.

old bulls' wife

thanks for all the "get wells"  Randy is doing OK, he broke his C7 vert and he broke one of his ribs in the back.  His bike doesn't look as bad as he does though.  Thanks to everyone at the track who helped pack his stuff.  You can e-mail at  I'm sure he would like to hear from everyone ::)  Thanks again! The Rega Pit


Sorry to hear 'bout the getoff.  Hope you heal fast and well...


Roger  Lyle

Hey Randy,
It was great to see you in all those  races up front.
Bob had some good rides too! After seeing you on the ground and standing up after the crash, well YOU are SUPERMAN! :o
Take it easy now and heal up. It could have been a lot worse. You're a lucky "old bull".

Roger Lyle
F-USA National Safety Director

Brendan Fitzgerald

To "the man who swears too much!"
Just saw Bob Robbins update on the incredible weekend you put forth at Pocono. I was saddened to hear of your unfortunate ending. Did Fred Stucky have anything at all to do with this one?
Obviously you won't be racing anytime soon, and we will miss you very much at VIR and Summit this month. I will smoke a fine Cuban cigar in honor of you! God bless and best wishes on a speedy recovery! Drop me a line if possible.
Brendan & Lisa Fitzgerald    #636 Squid class! ::)

David Sherman

I'f you don't know i'm the smart alex ccs official.I'm truly sorry to here about your injury.Isure hope you get better soon.If there is any chance you can make VIR there will be somthing going on for the wigman fund.Well i'm really glad your not as bad off as i thougt you were it could always be worse just look at me ha ha . Well hope to see you at the track soon.
                        Best Wishes Get well soon
                            David Sherman
 P.S. If there is anything i can do to help just let me know


QuoteDamn I hope he heals fast and that whoevers bike he borrowed can put it back together.

The incident wasn't on the borrowed bike. Randy did very well on Stuart Nelson's SV, a bike he had never ridden before. I think he took a 4th in LW SS, a class that he was in 3rd by only 4 points. Stuart was good enough to let Randy ride his bike after the theft of Randy's Supersport bike a few weeks ago.

Get well Randy!


Well I'm glad to hear that it was not the borrowed bike but a crash that bad sucks no matter what. Thanks Frank.