front suspension???

Started by 2002zx6r, January 15, 2004, 12:22:27 PM

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All right here we go....I have a 2003 zx6rr and a 2003 zx6r 636.  
I have the 636 set up with race tech internal.  Seam to work ok!!

I have come a across a set of Ohlins internal for the zx6rr.  
Everyone I talk to says the Ohlins stuff is way to close to the OEM specification.  thus being a waste of time to install them.  I would like to know what everyone else thinks........thanks


Who is every one?  Are we talking Dan Kyle from Kyle Racing Engines? Jim Lindemann? Team Kawasaki?
Just wondering.
Matt Drucker
MD Racing


Traxxion Dynamic ----  Max Macallister....


get rid off the ohlin shit !!! haha you don't need it just ride it with stock fork and you'll do just fine.  i have to catch you up harder if you tune your fork up  ;D ;D :P