Started by rickj, October 04, 2003, 08:08:35 AM

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Anyone made a FZR400 into a 560? How do you do it, is it reliable.


Super Dave

Sort of, but the money would probably be better spent getting an SV.  

At best, any FZR400 is thirteen years old.  I think it's hard to get cases from Yamaha now, so parts CAN be a problem.

The SV seems to be pretty reliable, and if you do have a problem, there's plethora of parts available at the track from your fellow racing peers...
Super Dave


go to yahoogroups.com, type a search on fzr400.  there's a huge mailing list there.

there are two different ways to build 560's.  keep in mind i never built either one, but here's a rough idea of how it's done.  jason clay the list's founder has built a few of them and there's still some out there.  a lot of the fzr parts that are hard to get are either eliminated in the 560, or still easy to find on the mailing list.

spacer plate (the bad way).  take one fzr400 case, add fzr600 crank and 1mm over 400 pistons and a 23mm or so spacer plate between the cases and the cylinders.  you'll need at least 600 carbs and exhaust.  read www.armyofdarkness.com to see what your definition of reliable is compared to the spacer plate 560.

the new way.  400 cases, yzf600 and crank, fzr600 cylinders, yzf600 head fzr600 1mm pistons and yzf600 carbs.  they say at 85 hp, it's still reliable.

there's also oil sprayers that you should add (i think they source these from air-cooled gsxr's and some machining.  keep in mind, i've never done this myself, so not all of the facts will be correct.

anyway, it's probably cheap to buy and refurbish one that's already built than to build one at this point.

K3 Chris Onwiler

That's all good advice.  I did one From JClay's recipe as listed in the Yahoo archives.  I built the reliable one with the YZF crank and rods,  (with the small end of the rods bushed by Falicon to the diameter of the FZR6 wristpins) FZR6 barrels, 1mm FZR6 pistons & ported FZR6 head on 400 cases.  You'll also need a big curved radiator from a modern 600cc bike.  With flatslides and total loss I got 90 HP.  The bike would paint darkies out of any corner on Pirelli slicks!  In 18 race weekends, I blew 1 motor, and that was the weekend I taught myself how to GP shift...
Add YZF600 forks, front wheel and brakes, (bolts right on!) and a 160x17 rear tire on an F2 wheel, cover with R1 bodywork and an Airtech TZ250 anti-draft tail section, and kick SV booty!!!
An SV would have been easier, but why join the mindless hoard?  And the only SV that could pull me in a straight line blew up every other weekend.
So did you FZR guys take my advice about lobbying for legalization of the YZF cases in the 560 application?  Machining the 400 cases is the most expensive part, 400 cases are getting hard to find, and once you do this, the cases can never be used to build a 400 again.
The frame was snapped, the #3 rod was dangling from a hole in the cases, and what was left had been consumed by fire.  I said, "Hey, we've got all night!"
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The bike would paint darkies out of any corner on Pirelli slicks! .........Cool

Got any advice, I'm building one this winter.