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Injury Fund E-News: Nov '01 Part II

Started by TightSqueeze, October 31, 2001, 05:42:45 PM

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[Please see Part I]


With the remaining tickets purchased in the raffle, we randomly selected tickets for each of the many donated prizes.  These prizes came from individuals, race teams, and vendors in the road racing community.  

The winners of those prizes were:

Paige & Michael Roberson, Rick Yerzak Motorsports, George Mood, Robby Card, Abby Tocorzic, Dave Hill, Loren Jury, Bill & Sherri Siewert, Bill Trowbridge, Jeff Rozycki, Mitch Hagge, Gayathri Kamath, Doug Duane, Randy Dalmas, Charles Calvert, Lee Parks, Judy Morse, Pete Friedman, Julia Allen, John Jarvais, Parker McDaniel, Jr., William Swanson, Grady Anderson, and Bill Spano.

Please visit to see which prize(s) you and/or they have won!  And, if you haven't already, please send us your mailing address, as some of you only gave us a telephone or email address.

Also, be sure to visit the sponsor links to thank them for their involvement in our efforts.  We know they don't have to, but they choose to because they care about you.  Thanks to all of these companies and people for their donations:

AIM Sportsystems, Blashfield Sign Companies, DB Motorsports, Fast Lane Cycles, Galfer Brakes, GP Tech, Hi-Side Racing, Jeannie Dalmas, Moto Liberty, Performance Machines, Pit Bull, The Plastic Doctor, Ram Racewares, Road Racing World & Motorcycle Technology, Sharkskinz, Sudco, Trackside Racer Supply, Team Valvoline EMGO Suzuki, Thermosman Suspensions, Team INA, Brian Clark, The Gathering Spot, The Lighthouse Restaurant.


At the GNF, WERA pledged that all of the fines collected during the week would go to the TSR Injury Fund.  Oddly enought, we would like to thank those riders for their infractions(minor, we hope) turned donations, and wish to thank WERA for this kind gesture.


So, you're thinking that the season has passed you by, and you've missed the opportunity to send us your donation?  Well, please keep in mind, that there's never a bad time to donate.  Today, tomorrow, or next Thursday is just as good as yesterday.  If you haven't done so this year, take a moment and do so.

Credit Cards can be accepted using the following link:

Or by mail:

TSR Injury Fund
PO Box 40921
Arlington, VA 22204


This wraps up our 2001 contribution drive.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions for or about the Injury Fund.  We appreciate any and all feedback that we receive from you.

Take care and see you next season,

Tight Squeeze Racing