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Started by Road_Racer, July 11, 2002, 08:19:19 PM

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Hello All...
I am new in this forum and the reason of this post is to ask for help.
I am very interested in race in the CCS club, in the Florida area.
I am outside of the US.  I am also the national champiom in my country on the superbike class and  top ten in the latin american championship in the 600 ss class.
I have never race before in the US, so I thought that it will be good for me to take this step into this experience.
I don't know where to begin to know information in how to get in racing.
Is there anybody who can help me  I will appreciate.

I am willing to send my bike to the US and leave it there.  
I want to be in the 600cc class, don't know if it is SuperSport, or Superbike.  Must be only in the Florida area.

Thank you for your help.


In the Miami area there are a lot of racers. One of the reputable parts suppliers and racer is Leo Vanega. He owns RIGHT ON TRACK  racing supplies. He sponsors racers and races in CCS and AMA SUPERBIKE. He will gladly help. Give him a call 305-259-1200 or visit him on the WEB


What area of Florida are you going to be in? Try to get someone locally to help you. If you are going to be in central FL. let us know, we could help you find someone. Good Luck.


I am going to be in the Miami area, and I have not recieve any help from anybody yet.
 My intentions are serious but I need something first because I don't know where to begin.

Well, if you can help me with anything or someone who can help me I will apreciate.

Thanks for your interest.


Try contacting Shane Prieto through Shane is one of the fast experts here in the Florida region and a nice guy. His brother is running a race parts and prep shop in south Florida. They might could help. Good luck. :D


In Miami call this # 305-298-2248 ask for Pedro. Obviously is bi-lingual. He may be out of town but he can give you names and numbers if people.


Ditto on  the Shane Prieto ;) ;) ;)