Trophy Presentation after each day?

Started by CCS, July 08, 2002, 12:34:36 PM

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Let us know what you think, do you want to stay an extra 45-60 minutes to get your trophies at the end of each day? Please ansewr the poll and tell us what you want.
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I voted Yes based on the assumption that people who needed to would be able to pick theirs up and leave early.

If that is not an option, then I'd have to cipher on it more to decide which way to vote.

My expectation is that, if you allow people to pick up early and leave, the end of day presentation won't take as long as you predicted.

Also, as an accomodation to keeping the whole process shorter, I would vote for having the presentation be for just the top 3, and having 4th and 5th still pick theirs up the way it's done now.

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In the Midwest region (Blackhawk especially); the announcer attempts to speak with the top three riders after each race.  

Personally, I think this seems to be working ok and the excitement of the race can still be heard in the rider's voices (or is that relief?).  The other benefit is that the spectators are still there and they are able to get a glimpse of the riders and their sponsors.


Damn I'm slow



The only problem with getting quick interviews after each race is that we are all busy getting ready for our own races. We still wouldn't have time to get to know our competitors and hear what they are all about.

The option is always there to grab and go before the presentation. But what we found in the past is that there is usually enough time after the races, and before the presentation is set up, to get packed up and be ready to fly as soon as the gig is over.

I also think it would be a good idea to limit the presentation to the top three, top five might get to be too much.

Just a few ideas.
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Definitely top 3 only. It's nice to get wood for top 5, but we shouldn't be officially recognized. ;D


DOH!!!! :o  You get wood for top 5.  Is it too late to pick up mine from the Summit Point races in May? :'(




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