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Is Engine Ice coolant legal?

Started by Dave_Alexander, July 05, 2002, 11:53:11 AM

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Can I run Engine Ice coolant in my race bike?  They claim to sponsor several CCS racers so I'm thinking it must be legal.  The stuff is based on propylene glycol instead of ethylene glycol as used in standard anti-freezes.


I can't cite you a specific paragraph in the rulebook or place to look for it in writing, but I know for a fact that the CCS officials in the Mid-Atlantic region have stated very clearly that Engine Ice IS NOT allowed.  The went so far as to mention its prohibition during a riders meeting so that there was no question. Good thing, too, since I had been running it since Daytona.    


I ran it for three years in the Florida region and at Daytona. When asked at tech what was in the radiator I told them and they didn't object. This year I have run it at Summit and at VIR and have heard no objections from an official. I think the racer in Fla that is sponsored by Engine Ice is Shane Prieto who also runs it in AMA Superbike.


Formula USA 2002 Road Race Rules and Regulations: Section 5.2.18 Cooling system must not contain ethylene glycol.

Engine Ice is a 50/50 mix of water and propylene glycol. Evans NPG+ is 100% propylene glycol.  By the letter of the law, both are legal for CCS competition.


At this point in time, Engine Ice is legal for CCS and NRRS competition.

Kevin Elliott
Director of Operations-CCS/ASRA
Fort Worth, TX