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Headlight for a race bike

Started by OlDirtyBrian, September 03, 2003, 01:59:28 PM

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Does anyone know of a good way to mount a headlight on a racebike? I'd prefer not to cut a section out of the front fairing but will do it if its absolutely necessary.  Any inexpense suggestions would be appreciated.


I toyed with something like the light lidz at tricktape at one point:

I was trying to figure out a way to make my race bike just barely street legal so, that I could test it now and then on the street. One of the things I topyed with doing to that end was making my number plate out of the light lidz stuff and that it might constitute taping up the light for safety to tech as well.


I have seen lots of people use the Hella lamps (referring to Tim Chin's post). They usually mount them underneath the upper but out of the way of the front fender for those times when the front suspension is completely compressed.

I have also seen PIA driving/fog lights used as well.

Not sure that would qualify as inexpensive though. I think the Hella lamps usually cost a bit...




Nate R

From ebay, from me, for cheap!

I mounted this under the nose of the SV with the bracket. Worked well for 6K miles.

I will pull it off the auction if you want it for $25 shipped.
Nate Reik
MotoSliders, LLC
Missing my SV :-(