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Started by Litespeed, July 03, 2002, 09:01:25 AM

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Are we allowed to have video cameras on the bike during the race weekend?  I seem to remeber seeing one on a bike a while back during practice and was wondering whether we need special permission or something.  I currently have a setup that puts the camera inside the nose and was wondering if it would be ok to use during practice.  I would like to use it during a race or two also but figure that would be asking too much.  One other question, what's it take to get access to the track for taking pictures.  I like to take pics of the bikes but the regular spectating arease pretty much suck for this.


If you want to take photos at at a CCS event, I believe it is up to the discretion of the person(s) running safety. In the Mid-west region, they will allow one person into a corner to take photos, provided you stay put where they tell you to stay put, and you are not wearing a flag color. Thus it would be advisable to wear black or white for your shirt color. Obviously yellow and red are not acceptable. In the event of a crash, just get out of the way and let safety do their jobs.
Also, Just ask your race director what the policy is on your on-board camera. They may have you tech the bike with the camera just to make sure that it's firmly attached to the bike.  Good Luck!
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Hey Litesped a friend of mine had his camera on his bike at VIR (both CCSand WERA).  If ya want to take a look see here is the link....
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