NateR, question for you or any other SV guys

Started by lbk, August 26, 2003, 07:29:46 AM

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I want to hack my subframe but I'm wondering what is that box mounted back there? Do you need it? If so where do you relocate it, when cutting that back section off?

By the way Nate, that tool worked it was precisely the right size :D I'll get it back to you next time I see you at Blackhawk.

Nate R

YES, you NEED it.  :o

That's the SV's "Brain"

I hacked off my subframe, as you know, and I relocated the box partially under and partially behind the seat.

Glad the tool worked out! We'll have to meet somewhere at the next BHF, as I won't be racing.
Nate Reik
MotoSliders, LLC
Missing my SV :-(