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zx6r loss of power at high rpm need help

Started by burniepd, August 06, 2003, 12:51:59 PM

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Was at track day on Monday which was pretty warm and humid. The bike has always pulled hard all the way to redline, however this time i noticed that it had lost power after about 11.5k rpm and would not spinn up.  I had to start shifting early to get the power back.  It just seemed dead from about 11.5to14k rpm.  

Also if cumming out of turns where the rpm's were less then 10k the bike would not pull till the rpms slowly reached over 10k.   4 gear turn exit at 9k rpm no acceleration till rpm's were over 10k, but if exited at higher speed and rpm's were over 10k it accelerated ok till 11.5 and dropped off again as described above.    

Have not made any changes since last race weekend.  Did switch to 100 octane gas a few weekends ago but it had been running fine.

Super Dave

100 octane?  I'm assuming that it's an unleaded.

Very high specific gravity and they are usually oxygenated.  Might have leaned out your jetting.  And I've never heard of a gain from using pool fuel like that.

Did you get it fixed?
Super Dave


maybe you have a rod bearing going out  ;D
Matt Drucker
MD Racing


Actually, install new plugs first. If that doesn't do the trick, schedule some dyno time to check it out.
Matt Drucker
MD Racing


Sounds like you probably ended up getting bad gas which is unfortunately common wiht the race fuels that sit around forever before being sold.  If you don't need the 100 octane switch back to premium and see if that clears it up.  (you need to drain the tank completely to try this because if you just add to the existing gas it won't go away immdeiately)


Have you checked the ram air vent tubes? funny things happen when the pressure is only on mouth of the carbs and not the top of the fuel.