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Started by Zac, August 06, 2003, 12:28:34 PM

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At Vegas this last weekend (hot), the red oil/temp light on my '01 R6 turned on halfway through my first practice lap.  I rode gingerly back into the pits, and by the time I made it back to my pit the light was off.  Temp was reading 170-180 F, so I assumed it was an oil problem.  Is this light for oil level, pressure or both?  Anyways, once in my pit with the light now off, I leaned the bike over to the left and the right, light stayed off, so I went back out to finish the session.  After the session I checked the oil, halfway between the dipstick marks (why can't an R6 have a sightglass) >:(.  Had no issues in the second session (bike still pretty warm).  In my first race on the sighting lap, the light turned on again and stayed on through gridding.  It was off by the time I had a chance to look once the race was underway.  This happened in a couple more races this weekend as well.

Are there any common known problems on R6s that cause this, such as a sender or oil pump bypass that are prone to intermittet failure? ???



Every Yamaha 4 stroke that I have owned, the oil light was oil level, not oil pressure.
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Minimum oil level that you can run in an R6 or R1 in a little over halfway on the stick.  Any less and the light will come on.  The sensors are way too sensitive and cuase the false alerts.

D. Dave


Thanks Dave.  I'll keep the level a little higher so as not to be bothered by the light.

Glad you're doing OK after the crash.  Saw the aftermath but didn't know it was you.  We had too many people get hurt out there last weekend.