CCS or LRRS racers please help

Started by Hoot#60, June 18, 2002, 05:31:40 AM

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   This past weekend was the FUSA event at Loudon and a LRRS regular loaned me a fairing bracket for my GSXR.  Obliviously (and having  headache from the weather) I just drove out of the track and started my 7 hour drive home.  Unfortunatly I dont remember his name, but I know he is an Expert racer with a Honda F4 & a GSXR750.  His competition # is either 234 or 324?  If anyone knows this fellow racer please post here so i can get an address to send the bracket back.  Thank you.

Nate Kern #60


  His name is Ray Bowman from NY.  I know he is friends with the Bad Apple Racing crew form NY.  If anyone has his contact information please notify me. Thanks in advance!  WGATAP

Nate Kern #60


Send an email to:

I think she should be able to give you his address. Or at least point you in the right direction.

Ted Temple
LRRS #52

Nathan Kern

   Thanks, I will ask for Nancy.  

Nate Kern #60