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Best way to clean & Lube Chain

Started by vman, June 16, 2002, 08:23:11 PM

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What's the best to use to clean a o-ring chain. And then lube? :-/


I just bought this chain cleaner that works really good! It is called 611 chain cleaner by Motorex.


If you have an o-ring (x-ring) chain, use kerosene to clean the chain and PJ1 black to lube it.  A Grunge brush helps too.  Spray the chain lube on the inside of the chain - between the sprocket and the chain - it won't fly off and keeps the left side of your bike alot cleaner.  Wipe off the excess chain lube too.  


I clean the chain with WD-40 and lube the chain with a light coat of Pro Honda HP Chain Lube. This lube doesn't last as long as some others but it doesn't attract much dirt and is easy to clean.


I have an R1 streetbike that has 17,500 miles on it.  I have never replaced the chain, nor do I need to.  I have only used WD-40 on it from day one.  That's it, no chain lube, just WD-40.  I put it on and then wipe off the excess.

O-ring chains are internally lubricated and only need a light coat of lube to help displace water and keep the plates from rusting.  The chain on my bike is still in very good condition.  This bike sees many wheelies both on power and with the clutch and the chain has been adjusted no more than 3 times in its life.

My $.02 :)


Your on the right track friend ;D
Remember Clean parts work better, and to first clean the chain with one of many suitable cleaners,  Dirt causes excess whear of any part. Dont be affraid to use that old tooth brush to scrub between your links.  And try a motocross type "no fling" lube.  Last longer then others (I think).
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