need a partner for TC @ VIR?

Started by r6_philly, June 16, 2002, 01:21:48 AM

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Thinking about doing TC at VIR 6/28. AM, been to VIR a few times, best time on a Stock 99 R6 with Stock suspension is 1:42... if anyone is interested


@#%@#%@^&%@#&#*$%^$#^ I hate work! Hope you find someone to ride with you, wish I could offer but my job has stuck it right in my arse!


I have never done a TC. If you are ranked AM does that mean I can not team with you if I am an EX?


Amateurs and Experts can ride together on the same team.
Kevin Elliott
Director of Operations-CCS/ASRA
Fort Worth, TX

Zeb Proctor

count me in on that one dude....