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F3 woes....looking for some help

Started by crazeinc, June 28, 2003, 09:01:47 PM

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Hey folks. I've been having some rather large problems with my F3 but let me run my last problem by you please.

My original gas tank was full of rust and did a terrific job clogging my carbs. I took the carbs off and cleaned them. Resealed the tank, but the sealer didn't work and probably now is also clogging my carbs. Just got a new tank and put it on this afternoon. Ride to gas station, bike is running great. Fill up, pull out of station bike is running like crap like it's out of gas, pull into parking lot. Bike dies, I start it back up, is running fine again, throw it in 1st and bike dies. Bike will not go into gear and stay running (yes, the kickstand is up). I tried unplugging the kickstand relay, didn't make any difference. I also played with the handlebar clutch adjustment, nothing. So I grab some food, come back out and bike is now cooled off, goes into 1st while it's running and home I go.

What is happening??

BTW. I checked the green plug everybody keeps finding unplugged that experienced this problem. I didn't have the vent tubes hooked up to my gas tank during this 5 minute excursion so they weren't being pinched.


Alexa Krueger
Spyder Leatherworks
Do or do not, there is no "try".


List of things done since problems arose a month ago:

-New clutch pads
-New clutch cable
-New plugs
-New fuel filter
-Replaced cracked fuel line
-Carbs cleaned
-Fuel pump replaced
-Fuel cut-off relay replaced
-New used gas tank
-Petcock replaced along with tank screen


Quote-Petcock replaced along with tank screen

There's your problem, should have gotten a p e t c o c k. ;D (ah, the joys of computer censorship)
Alexa Krueger
Spyder Leatherworks
Do or do not, there is no "try".


If I'm not mistaken, the sidestand circuit is of the fail-open variety, meaning that it must be closed (jumpered) in order to simulate the sidestand being in the up position. Unplugging the relay would open the circuit.


Fuel pump relay is a good one,  The side stand does need to be jumped when you disconnect it.  The clutch is a good possability as well.  But if it has been sitting a long time [enough to cause that rust in the tank] I would look at the wireing harness first and you shop manual's troubleshooting guide first.  I gut helped a friend with a simalar issue with the Kawasuckie he picked up.  It was a relay that was located in the bikes main fuse block and required replacing it.  Later we determined it was caused by the old battery not being removed, and negativly discharging threw the charging system.  It much better now.  Thank the maker for E-bay. :P
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