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XXX Composites

Started by TreyBone, June 10, 2002, 03:33:01 PM

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Has anyone here ever puchased any bodywork from  

If so would you please tell me about your experience dealing with them.  Mine is not going so good so far >:(


I tried to call you back but you are never in the office. I tried to purchase xxx bodywork for my sv before daytona and they said I would have to rig up as gsxr bodywork because they did not have any sv specific bodywork. We also kinda got the run around on when it would be delivered so we decided to go with sharkskinz and it fits nice. If you have any other questions i can answer you back here.


You tried to call my office? :) Who is Racer 865?


Damn Trey that sux a big one but I haven't really heard anything good about those guys.  Your story is their MO from what I have been reading on the sportbike sites.

I guess hindsight is truly 20/20 you should've went with skinz of vortex.
Damn I'm slow


Talked to Jeff today at XXX.  He said my order was confused with someone else's and apologized for the problem. To make up for it he is overnighting the plastics tomorrow and giving me an extra tail-section for no charge.   ;D   He is going to save the day if this comes through like he said.  This will give me time to have the plastics on before i leave for Roebling ;)


Did you ever figure out who 865  is ???