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Steering Dampner Question for SV

Started by TreyBone, June 01, 2002, 05:48:42 PM

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I need to get a steering dampner for my SV but don't want to spend an arm and a leg. What is a good one for the money? Any help would be much appreciated :)


I just bought an oval body Daytona damper from Street & Competition and a fork tube clamp. Then took a 1" piece of flat aluminum stock and made an "L" bracket about 2" on each side. The bracket mounted on the upper left radiator mounting bolt. It sits underneath the edge of my sharkskinz and has never been harmed in 2 years of racing with some hard crashes...




It was over two year ago - but I think the whole deal cost me about $150. The S&C website shows the Daytona XL damper as Part# 10-202 ($123.95) the clamp wasn't listed but couldn't be more than $25...

They offer a racer discount so it'd probably be cheaper than what was listed... 1-800-326-5487


Thanks for the info. S and C are hooking me up with the racers discount. I ordered a fairing bracket from them yesterday :)