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CFmoto 800NK

Started by Biketographer, May 10, 2024, 10:56:17 AM

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HANGZHOU, China, May 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- The flagship model of the NK family of CFMOTO has been honored the "Red Dot Award: Product Design 2024" for its Cut The Edge design. It's the first time for a Chinese brand to win with a big displacement ICE motorcycle.

CFMOTO is proud to announce that the 800NK has won the "Red Dot Award: Product Design 2024" in the category of Motorcycle Design. The "Red Dot Award" is one of the most famous design awards that, since 1955, evaluates thousands of products from all around the world. To receive the award in the year of its 35th Anniversary makes the Hangzhou-based Company even more proud of this result. CFMOTO is the first ever Chinese Brand to win the "Red Dot Award: Product Design" with a big displacement ICE motorcycle.


The 800NK is a global product that, through its iconic shapes, has conquered the heart of many enthusiasts around the world, as well as the attention of the Red Dot jury. The flagship model of the NK family has marked a milestone for CFMOTO: the introduction of a design philosophy that is now setting the pace for all the new motorcycles joining the line-up. Strong of its 799 cc inline twin-cylinder engine, the 800NK is a naked bike with a distinctive "Cut The Edge" design, high-tech features and top-class performance.

This award is an international recognition for the CFMOTO Design Team and the R&D Department: a prove of dedication by our designers and technicians focused on innovation and on delivering the best products to customers. The vision of CFMOTO design has been defined through the 2-wheels Design Director: Carles Solsona, based in the CFMOTO European R&D Center, in Italy.

"To win the prestigious Red Dot Award is a great result for the whole team" has said Carles Solsona. "The 800NK is one of the CFMOTO products that better embodies the core values of our Brand: design, technology, performance. This achievement is a great way to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of our Company, as well recognizes our commitment and development of our own design philosophy destined to a global market."
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