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P.A.S. New Orleans March 16-17

Started by old.racer, February 24, 2024, 07:51:19 AM

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NOLA Motorsports will be hosting a track day on Friday, March 15 that is open to all riders.

Race Day Schedule,



2024 Round 2 NOLA Fuel / Dropoff
2024 Round 2 NOLA Motorsports Reminder!
  • NOLA Motorsports will be hosting a track day on Friday, March 15 that is open to all riders. Registration link here
  • Race Day Schedule,
  • If you are attending Friday's track day, the track day tech does NOT apply to race weekend's tech. For the race weekend, you must be go through tech with our race staff.
  • If you would like to directly to tech, you must pre-register for qualifying\practice AND race(s).
  • Gate for weekend is $40.
  • Saturday tech will open at 7:15 AM.
  • If you are racing\bringing multiple bikes, please be sure to make us aware of it. A tech form will be needed for each bike. Even if you are bringing a bike you do not plan on racing, the bike still needs to go through tech before getting on the track.
  • Along with the TrackMic notification system, you can always view the current call and who's on track via our TrackMic dashboard,
  • If you have a "B" bike and\or "B" helmet, your "B" bike\helmet must also go through tech.
  • Reminder. Front brake lever guards are required.
  • Showers are available under the tower.
  • Camping on Friday and Saturday night. Contact track directly for camping spot reservations:
PabAmSBK New Racer Initiative
Help us and we'll help you $. Back from last season, we have started a new racer initiative to benefit and REWARD racers who refer and those who were referred. For more information on how to earn some race $ get started click here
New Racer Reminders
  • Do qualify for every race you think you may race in. It costs nothing extra to qualify for races you have not entered yet. You can still qualify and choose not to race. But if you do not have a qualifying time, you will be gridded based upon order of entry.
  • You can sign up for a race at any time on Sunday. As long as you have time to register your race and make it to the grid, there is no cut off time to register for additional races throughout the day. To use your qualifying time you must register for your race Sunday morning when the grids are locked. After the grids go live you will start from the back of the grid.
  • The provisional grids are posted online Saturday night. Remember to confirm your position and time on the grids you are registered to race. You have Sunday morning by 9:00am to make any changes before the grids become official.
  • We offer custom race licenses and racer profiles. Remember to send or message us your photo(s)by email at or /
  • PanAmerican Superbike race licenses come with a barcode you can scan with your phone. If you want to impress your friends at a bike night, you can scan your code on your license and it will pull up your racer profile along with all of your results and lap times for each race, personal best, etc. This also works if you need prove of your race results with potential sponsors.
  • Don't forget to check out your race profile. You can find along with your individual race lap times, your competitor race lap times to compare. We list your top career lap times at every track you attend as well as season best lap times. We'll keep track of your average finish and top finishes. Keep your profile up to date. If you have a new bike or sponsor, let us know.
  • Download the MyLaps Speedhive app and have your pit crew do the same to keep up with your lap times while on the track. It's free to use. iPhone - Android -
  • Don't forget to set up your TrackMic in your account. If you are having problems with TrackMic please email Tung at
Thank you to all of our sponsors who help make it happen!
Sunoco Racing
Southern Racing Fuels
Dunlop Motorcycle Tires
Bridgestone Motorcycle Tires
Florida Trackdays
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