First time racing fees and licensing questions

Started by michelledonelan, December 16, 2023, 10:51:57 AM

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Hello! Can someone provide me some info on East Coast CCS/ASRA and WERA certification process and fees?

So I'm having a difficult time finding pricing and dates for licensing. I was planning on getting online certified through MotoGladiator. I know they have an online certification on EvolveGT's website. After that does Motogladiator do actual licensing during a trackday or do I need to find a different org? I know CCS accepts race licensing from Motogladiator (I'm not sure about WERA) but are they accepting only the EvolveGT online certification or do I also need to have an in-person licensing at a trackday through MotoGladiator after completing the online certification from EvolveGT? Also, What's the latest date I can buy my 2024 license for CCS/ASRA and WERA? I'm also struggling to find info on this. I won't be able to do my first trackday for 2024 until late April/ early May. So am I able to get licensed in May 2024 for the 2024 season? Sorry for all of the questions I'm a first-time racer and the only one trying to race in my area. All of this has been confusing to learn on my own.

Now talking about fees. I remember the EvolveGT online race certification being around I think $165-$170. How much does a CCS/ASRA license usually cost? I think I saw on WERA's website that first-time racers are $90 for a 1-year license and $50 for an AMA membership. And typically how much does it usually cost per racing class? For example, I have a 2016 FZ07 I'm planning on riding in the lightweight super stock and modified twin classes. So how much does it typically run for a practice day. And how much does it usually cost per race day for these racing organizations? Is it usually around $200 for a practice day and around $100 per race on racing day? I know each track varies on pricing along with race classes but having approximations would be very helpful for budgeting.

Thank you!


A great number of your questions will be answered at your race school.  You will learn things you did not know you needed / wanted to know.

License info:

I believe that you can take a race school anytime in the year and then apply for your race license immediately after it is complete.     If the race school is the Friday before a ASRA race then you likely will be able to go through the process that day.
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