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Blackhawk Farms info

Started by Biketographer, July 11, 2023, 07:32:28 AM

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Please purchase your Blackhawks Farms wristbands here GATE PASS - This will make entry much easier

    ENTRANCE - Thursday evening starting at 6PM into the paddock - credentials open from 6-10 Thursday, Friday 7am to 10pm, Saturday 7am to 10 pm, Sunday 7am to close. Gate will be open for 24 hrs Thursday night forward once you have a credential.
    TECH - CHECK IN - This will begin Friday evening 6pm and run until 7pm, will restart at 7am Saturday. Please bring you bike in a cleaned and ready for inspection, transponder on and functional.
    FM BROADCAST - 88.9
    RIDER PROFILE PHOTOS - Photos will be taken in the classroom from 8:30AM - 10:30AM Saturday and Sunday.
    Food on site with Cafe Fastee
    TICKETS - ASRA wristbands for Blackhawk can be purchased ONLINE or at the gate.
    CAMPING - ELECTRIC - Electric power is available in the paddock. No loud music is permitted after 10PM. Be considerate of neighbors.
    Garages - Rentals handled by the track.
    TRASH - Please remove fuel cans, tires, oil etc... these left items are charged back to us and will be charged back to you. Please leave your area clean.
    PIT BIKES - no more than 5 mph in the paddock.
    PETS - please keep your pets on a leash at all times.
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