Add your facebook, twitter, instagram to your profile

Started by Biketographer, May 05, 2023, 11:20:31 AM

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You can now add a link to your facebook, twitter, or instagram in your profile.

So when members click on your profile photo or avatar, they are sent to your profile page.  Your profile page will show them only the information you have chosen to make public.

To add or remove information  shown to logged-in members, at the very top left of the forum you will see your username; click the down arrow and select "profile details." then 'profile.'

If your facebook page is  you only enter SamanthaFoxOfficial  .  The people that wrote the software for this forum already insert the  part.

Note that you can link to a specific page.  To link to just enter   DailyLoud/status/1654283540907929602   (this example is entered into the twitter field.)
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