Vision Dash 180 Motorcycle Camera

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TAIPEI, July 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Creact Inc. introduces its latest technology through its dashboard camera system, Vision 180. As one of the startups coming through Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA), Creact is looking to make an impact in the motorcycle tech scene. With a rider's safety and convenience at the forefront, Vision 180 offers riders comprehensive control and the significant elimination of unnecessary distraction through its innovative Head-Up Display (HUD) system. The start-up will be showcasing its technology at the Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) Pavilion


Vision 180 dual-lens dash camera is a highly efficient and intuitive piece of technology that is easily installed onto a helmet. This allows riders to access vital information through its low power LED sourced HUD when riding. Live images from the installed dual-lens camera are projected on to the rider's field of vision, creating an Augmented Reality (AR) feed of vital information, such as speed, navigation, and camera function. Other information accessible through the HUD includes music and phone features which eliminates the riders' need to look down on their dashboard or phones.

Vision 180 is equipped with one of the best wide-angle lens systems in the dashcam market. The feature will ensure all blind spots around the rider is covered at all times, giving riders access to a complete picture of their surroundings during a ride. Vision 180's HUD can double as a rear-view mirror, as the driver can get a rear-view image retrieved from the rear camera.

"Vision 180 is a manifestation of our hard work and dedication towards practicing creative innovation as a company. Riding a motorcycle is dangerous without any distractions, so what we have done is created a piece of effective technology that eliminates unnecessary distraction for riders. Our product is compatible with most helmets already on the market, so it will decrease the barrier of entry for many people. This is an important difference between Vision 180 and other helmet-oriented solutions." said David Liang, President of Creact.

With Creact positioning themselves as a company that is driven by creativity, the Vision 180 dashcam system is their flagship product. It reflects their ambition to combine software, hardware and services for innovative offerings to the marketplace. The Vision 180 dashcam is planned to be released to Japanese market in early 2022.

Participating at CES 2022 with over 2100 exhibiting companies, hundreds of thought leaders from around the world and significant consumer interest, the event will be a vital platform for Vision 180 to reach a wider audience around the world.

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