Summit Point May 2022

Started by SVbadguy, June 02, 2022, 05:36:05 PM

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And a word of advice from the weekend's safety director. Don't try to 'save it' if you run off in the grass early in T10.  It's unlikely to work out well for you.  Two ended up in the hospital this weekend.
It's really like to go better if you deliberately pitch it sideways smoothly then let the hard parts slow things down.

One guy impacted the air fence along with his bike. Busted leg I think.  Another basically got highsided less than 100ft from the wall. Ended up missing the air fence and end of exposed tire wall and slid up/impacted the dirt berm.

We had a great MARRC crew turnout, but a bunch won't be able to make it back in two weeks.  So please consider helping us out if you are able. Let me know if you're interested and I'll get you setup. If you just decide to show up, you will have to pay to get in. 
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