MotoGirl GT Classes

Started by SkierJohnny, March 22, 2021, 10:18:56 AM

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Hey all - my gf has been sending a few messages / emails to CCS regarding the MotoGirlGT class but hasn't gotten a response yet.  She's filling out her pre-entry for ACC North next month, so I thought I'd throw this on here if anyone is familiar.  Key question is.... is the MotoGirlGT class available at all CCS events, or just a select few?  The schedule / pre-entry form mentions it as a thing but we've never seen it on the detailed event schedule in the MidWest Region.  Is it one of those things where the class is created once someone registers for it?

If anyone knows where it's offered please let me know  :cheers: :cheers:


Nevermind :)  We got a response...for anyone else with the same question, it essentially follows the ASRA schedule so for BHF 2021, it is May and September!