WTB: 07-08 cbr600rr various oem and track parts

Started by underdog, December 09, 2020, 09:20:47 PM

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Hey folks, new-to-me 07 cbr getting prepped for next season and in need of a few things to give her a little refresh. I'll be streeting her until then so got some various needed parts here. Some later year things may work with the 07, not 100% sure on each but if they do go ahead and post or direct message. Include what you'd like to see price wise, would be shipped to the Richmond, VA area (or picked up if close). I'm a bottom rung budget rider, go easy  :blahblah:  I use Paypal.

-Seat (not torn)
-Front and Rear rims (any color but orange, minimal rash, no bends)
-Windscreen (clear, non rashed)

-Clutch cover protector / slider (any brand just not completely rashed condition)
-Ohlins rear (decent condition)
-Full Track Body (including windscreen and fairing stay. No cracks please)
-Power Commander (no abs)
-Gear indicator
-Bolt on mid pipe
-steering stabilizer (not too old or at least recently refreshed)
-Take-offs (stock size any compound)

FWIW: Old plastics are up for trade. They aren't spotless or factory OEM but no rash or obvious blemishes. If there's any interest I'll post up some pictures. Black in color and look factory minus the honda sticker on tank.



I have a full set of unused, never painted or mounted bodywork. It does have dzus fasteners added to the upper and lower pieces, those are the only holes drilled.  Made by E-Racing.  It's not Armour Bodies quality but it gets the job done.  I've been asking $300 for it, but I'd take $250 at this point. I'm in northern VA. I might even be able to pass it along to a friend who lives closer to Richmond.

A bottom rung, budget racer really doesn't a different steering damper, Ohlins shock, midpipe, gear indicator etc. Better off keeping good rubber on the bike and getting track time.

I'm an expert, cheap, but competitive (on my SV650 anyways).  I have an '07 CBR600RR that raced for 3 or 4 years, street only for a while now.  Still has the OEM steering damper.  Suspension put back to stock. But it had a Traxxion fork kit and Elka shock on it for awhile.  I was faster with the stock suspension.

Pics of parts
Pic of how my bike looked
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Agreed. The steering dampner has saved my ass from death wobbles before, so that's the primary reason. This ones 13 years old. I don't want to go changing up how the bike feels mid-season though. Especially going from 13 year old dry rotted rear suspension to ohlins, ha. I figure best I go straight to something not crazy expensive but track ready and safe. Gear indicator is actually because I am a noob too focused on keeping my ass on the seat :) I guess I go with what gives me the most confidence in the bike. I rode on thermosman front and ohlins (ttx?) up and down the east coast on the old 06 r6 for years. Plus it makes me feel better even though I'm not riding any of it to its potential :) Oh and my stickers gave me like 20hp to the wheels easy, more than enough to pull on those ol liter bikes  :twofinger: 

Joking aside, funny you mention, I had some Q2's back when NESBA was a thing. Those things got me to advanced class... as soon as I switched to the slick dunlops I was all over the place and went down constantly. Definitely a feel thing with some of this stuff.

And definitely interested! Only thing I'd be concerned about is how it will hold up in a crash. Got most all the sliders on. But if it's trashed after 1 slide, I may have to hold up. I had hotbodies before on the R6, terrible fitment, but they held up like a boss through many slides. Googling and not finding much. Are they fiberglass or a general plastic? Maybe at least abs?

Actually, not a bad idea in my case at least for now. Going to throw oem rear up at the top if someones got one in good condition and a price I can't pass up. EDIT: Well damn, can't edit anymore. If anyone sees this with a oem rear shock in pretty good condition, LMK!


My bodywork survived this crash just fine.  Just a little resin to rejoin some splits and a little paint.

But a crash like this and nothing is surviving intact. My RSV4 had Catalyst Composites bodywork at the time

I just prefer not crashing.  In more than 20 years of racing I've only crashed of my fault twice during races. My SV650 once and this RSV4 crash which was weird as shit because I didn't do anything out of the ordinary.  Been a few very minor slides during practice.
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Cool, yeah if it just splits and doesn't shatter then totally fixable. I've had a highside and 4 low on my old hotbodies. Covered in fiberglass then sprayed bed liner on it and good to go. Cash is in hand, did you want to let me know when your friend might be swinging by? Can wait, I know shipping those are a pain. Also, does it come with a seat and fairing stay?


Mods: not sure if this is doable, if not I can remake it later down the road - but could you add this to the oem section?

-Rear tire / swingarm cowl
-Chain guard
-Complete rear shock assembly


If you're still interested, I'm going to be at Lake Anna for much of the day this coming Saturday and could bring it. And since it's unlikely my CBR will see the track again, I'll also offer for sale the painted bodywork that I had on it.
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