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seeking a track prepped 03-05 R6, I have a well prepped 09 for trade + $$

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So the 09 has a Matt Drucker ssp motor (123 hp on U4.4, spare stock ECU, Remapped ECU, primary & sec. dynojet injector controller, quickshift, woodcraft rear sets and clip-ons, Hindle system, TSE prepped fork and Penske Shock set up for 190# rider, supersport tight tail and several other goodies.  The photos was before the '15D200.  Note that the sbk tail is gone in favor of a tight tails ssp one.  The bike is no longer as pristine as in the photo but it gives an idea.

The 03-05 has much better ergos than my 09 but obviously not the same motor or laser sharp handling.  Since I'm too old (& poor) to rd race - I just coach and go to track days at fun tracks (BHF, auto north need not apply), race enduro in 50B or 55B nationals.

So if you have a decent straight bike ideally with upgrade shock, rear sets, full system, fuel controller I'd be interested in a trade plus cash.
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