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Author Topic: Bosch developing motorcycle crash detect auto call  (Read 27 times)

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Bosch developing motorcycle crash detect auto call
« on: June 26, 2020, 08:31:34 am »
  • Connected: With its new, intelligent crash algorithm, Bosch motorcycle sensor technology is able to detect accidents and set the rescue process in motion via smartphone app.
  • Effective: In some cases, an automatic emergency call can reduce the accident response time by up to 50 percent.
Stuttgart, Germany – When an accident happens, every second counts. The quicker motorcyclists receive assistance, the greater their chances of survival. The risk of being killed in a crash is still 20 times higher for motorcyclists than for car drivers. This has prompted Bosch to develop Help Connect, a digitally connected emergency call system for motorized two-wheelers that speeds up the rescue process. “Help Connect adds a digital guardian angel to the broad Bosch portfolio of motorcycle safety systems,” says Harald Kroeger from the Bosch board of management. The digitally connected emergency call system uses an intelligent crash algorithm installed in the vehicle’s inertial sensor unit to detect accidents. Via a smartphone app, Help Connect transmits information about the accident scene and the rider to the Bosch Service Center, and from there to the emergency services, helping them find the victim more quickly. An automatic message of this sort can cut the time it takes for emergency services to arrive on the scene by up to half (source: EU project Harmonised eCall European Deployment, I_HeERO).

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