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Author Topic: Open Letter to AHRMA Members  (Read 18 times)

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Open Letter to AHRMA Members
« on: June 24, 2020, 08:01:30 pm »
Open Letter to AHRMA Members

AHRMA’s senior staff and your representatives have been made aware of recent inappropriate public actions by some members. This is not how our members are expected to conduct themselves. The offenses included using profanity directed at another member, fraudulent statements made on behalf of an official and general gross misconduct.

The members involved have been reprimanded and advised to act as expected by the club in order to stay as members in good standing.

AHRMA is your club, we are all here to enjoy the sport of vintage motorcycle racing and be the ambassadors of this activity to help pass it on to the future. Bad conduct by members can make the entire club look bad and discourage our growth and/or lead to our extinction.

Leave the drama to those that make a living off of it and let’s go RACING!

Arthur Kowitz, Chairman of the Board
Brian Larrabure, Treasurer
Kelly Shane, Secretary
Curt Comer, Executive Director