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Author Topic: Virus Contradictions  (Read 18 times)

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Virus Contradictions
« on: March 20, 2020, 08:11:48 am »
Now many local governments are closing beaches.   When you go to a beach, how close do you get to other people?   There is plenty of room here, you can easily stay hundreds of meters away from other people.

I just received a notification that my campground reservation is cancelled.  I reserved a spot for my tent at a state forest in April.  The state closed it   :-(     I did not know that sleeping in a tent 50 meters away from the next person in a tent is too close.

The state is closing rest-stops along the interstate highway; so truckers have to drive into town to go to the bathroom.  But restaraunts are now trending toward 'drive-up' service only, so the truckers can not go in and use the bathroom there.  And most fast-food chains do not allow people to walk up to the 'drive through' window, so truckers can not even buy food from them. 

So some governments are doing things that appear to me that the only reason is to irritate the populace.   

Is there panic here?  I have not seen or heard of any.   But there sure is a lot of irrational hoarding.  Toilet paper, regular paper towels, bottled water, extremely hard to find, and the meat department at the grocery store is very close to empty.  Bread, eggs and milk are very close to being empty.    Why ?

I do not see any shortage of fruits or vegetables.   
The stuff people are hoarding makes absolutely no sense to me.  Are they hoarding it just because they see other people doing so?